Monday, January 23, 2006

Notting Hill and Science Centre

This weekend Liam and I decided to exercise our brains by shopping and exploring the Science Centre!

Saturday was spent wandering through the Portabello Street Markets and around Notting Hill. The markets are huge! The street seemed never ending. There was a wide range of fruit and veges, second hand clothes and goods, stuff that may have fallen of the back of a truck and lots of antiques. The antiques were the most interesting. There were old books, homewares and even old tins from the beginning of the century. Today was also the first day we had fish and chips! Very greasy but yummy!

After the markets we walked around Notting Hill looking at some of the beautiful homes, big private gardens and trying to figure out the locations for the movie Notting Hill. Some potential evidence is show below. The residential areas of Notting Hill seemed quiet peaceful.

Could this be the bookshop where Hugh Grant's character worked? Looks familiar to me - any clarification / verification would be great!

Proof that we were actually there!

Looking down Portobello Road.

A very cute cobble stone street with a stall selling old homewares and tins etc.

Looking back up the Portobello Road. Yes we get all the angles!!

One of the private gardens in Notting Hill. Only residents can access and use these garden.

Possibly a path to the gardens used in the movie Notting Hill!

Didn't actually go in or do any shopping but I can say I was there!

On Sunday we went to the Science Centre. Sounds a bit boring to some but it really is an amazing place. Enthusiastically recommended by Joel and Sophie, this place has got everything. There are 7 floors to explore and we only managed to get through 2 in about 4 hours. So look out for the next installment of pictures!

The real Apollo 10 Space capsual (I think it was 10?)

A view of the technology hall. This section had everything from the first train engines, old cars, the first Apple computer and even a Nintendo video game box (That's right Trac - you and I loved to place something that is now considered a piece of history!!!!! I even found old Nintendo game cartiages at Portobello Markets!!!!)

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Steve Middleton said...

Nice pics mate - I think it IS the bookshop from Notting Hill