Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello and Old Posts

Hello to everyone who is visiting us for the first time and those who are regulars! We have been a bit slack in posting pictures over our whole trip, so some of our more recent posts are old posts, if you get what I mean. If you feel like you might have missed something, check out the Previous Post links and Archives on the right hand side. If we do post old things, we'll put a little reminder like this one up at the top of the blog.

You can also see larger images of the pictures by clicking on any of the photos that we post - just don't forget to come back and have a look at the rest!

We would love to hear some comments from you, so if you have time please leave us a little message on a post that interests you.

Here are some of the older posts:
More London Sights
St Pauls and Tate Modern

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