Sunday, March 12, 2006

Covent Garden

In London there are are always plenty of new places that we can meet up with friends. Kelly works just down the road from Covent Garden, but I had never been there. Covent Gardens is an old fruit and vegtable market that has turned into markets and series of streets with funky one-off shops intermingled mainstream stores.

The crossroads of seven streets in Covent Garden are marked with the seven dials 17th century monument. The monument was removed in the 19th century because it had become a notorious meeting place for criminals. The replica, which still stands, was installed in 1989.

St Paul's Church. Covent Garden has its own.

The church has some gardens that provide a very calming place to escape from the bustle of the markets. Kelly sometimes has lunch here.

One of the halls that has shops, cafes, buskers and markets.

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