Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jono arrives in London

Jonathan arrived in London today. London was raining quite heavily and he walked up from Trafalgar Square to my work on Fleet Street, if he had known how far it was then I don't he would have done it in the rain with a small case and backpack. His first activity was to get to our flat and sleep.

That night was Australia's appearance in the World Cup finals with their match against Italy. We went up to a local pub, The Winchester, to watch the game. As I am sure we are all aware it was a gut-wrenching game for the Aussies. It was a good experience for Jono to experience the pub with a football game on. It was a great atmosphere, though it must be said that there were quite a few Aussie supporters - I don't think there were many English supporting the Italians!

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