Monday, September 11, 2006

Hampton Court Palace

Armed with our annual Royal Palaces pass, Kelly and I took a train out west to Hampton Court. The palace and surrounding gardens take up a large portion of land. It was a gorgeous day. We took a picnic lunch to have in the gardens before we completed the hedge maze.

The Tudor, and later Renaiessance, style palace was home to Thomas Wolsey, Archibishop of York and Chief Minister of the King. Henry VIII took over the palace in the 1500s and later it was occupied by William and Mary.

The palace and gardens are very well kept. The kitchens are massive and they could spit roast as many as 6 pigs at one time. The food was lavish and the wine free flowing in the banquet halls. Must be one of the reasons that Henry VIII was a largish fellow in his later years.

It is amazing how all of the pieces fit together throughout English history. Each statue, monument, church, palace we go to all keep mentioning the same names. Every time a guide tells the story of the history of England and London in a slightly different way and all of the pieces fall together. Maybe that is one of the things that keeps it interesting for me.

Our afternoon at Hampton Court Palace was more than enough and as the sun set the lovely burnt sun rays streamed across the buildings leaving a very warm glow.

Click on the photo to see more of Hampton Court Palace.
Hampton Court Palace

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