Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Getting that London Feeling

We arrived in London on the night of the 22nd December. The next couple of days were filled with helping Dave and Karen move into their new flat and with Christmas. We were so busy we sometimes didn't appreciate that we were actually in another country! So to rectify that we decided to have a walk around some of the more recognisable sites of Westminster in London on Boxing Day.

Big Ben from Southbank

Kelly and Big Ben across Westminster Bridge

Liam and Parliament, Big Ben and
Banqueting House from Southbank

Kelly and Banqueting House from Southbank

Lambeth Bridge from Victoria Tower Gardens

Just what is down there in the Thames?

The London Eye

London Eye and Westminster Bridge

The Burghers of Calais and
Westminster Parliament

Kelly and an old Royal Mail post box

Crypt Halls around the
Cloisters of Westminster Abbey

The Blair family Christmas Tree

Admiralty, home of Room 39 where
Ian Fleming created James Bond, 007

A break in the clouds gives a nice sunset

Queen's Guard (one of)

Admiralty Arch

Looking down Whitehall to Big Ben

Telephone boxes on the Strand

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