Monday, December 26, 2005

(Not So White) Christmas

Christmas wasn't quite as white as everyone had hoped. We woke up to a dry, snowless and cold (probably no more than 1 degree) Christmas morning which was a change from the usual 30+ degrees of a Queensland Christmas. We opened a few presents in the morning and had a late breakfast around 10:30.

Christmas lunch was to be at Vanessa and Dave's new flat in Finsbury Park, about 4 km north of Dave and Karen's place at Angel. There is no public transport on Christmas Day, so the four of us packed up some drinks and started walking. Vanessa and Dave a ex-pat Aussies that Kelly went to school with. As we walked towards a hot Christmas lunch there were a bunch of keen punters in bikinis and shorts on the roof of a local store having a few cans of beer from an esky. Even without the Aussie flag it was easy to see that they were Aussies.

Kelly and Liam

Dave and Karen

Vanessa and Kelly

Lunch, which was ready by dinner

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