Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter - Luxembourg

Day 4

The next leg of our trip took us through the small, tucked away country of Luxembourg. It is a beautiful country with many gorges, forests and cute little towns. We started in the north where the the Ardennes cross Luxembourg.

First stop was the town of Clervaux. The town consists of a church, castle and a monastry on the hill above the town.

The castle, perched in the middle of the town.

The benedictine abbey of St Maurice. The monks here are well known for their Gregorian chants. Luckily we arrived in time to see a service taking place in their chapel. The chapel has excellent acousticis and the monks' chanting sounded wonderful.

Outside the benedictine abbey of St Maurice.

Next stop was the very small town of Esch-Sur-Sure. The town has a population of approx. 240 people and the Sure river runs directly through it.

The Sure River.

One of the few streets of Esch-Sur-Sure and a view of the town from the castle ruins. The three pictures below are different views from the castle. The castle was built in 927 and is currently being restored. In the third photo you can see what is left of the castle today.

This was without a doubt the most beautiful town we saw in Luxembourg. Vianden has many narrow cobble-stoned streets and the stunning castle you can see in the picture.

The Vianden Chateau (Castle) and the streets of Vianden.

The castle sits very high above the town.

Liam's beer ad! And our first taste of Luxembourg beer.

Tonight's accommodation was to be in a hotel that we booked in Luxembourg City Sud. The name makes it sound like it is in the southern part of Luxembourg City, right? As it turns out it was actually 12km out of the city, so instead we stayed in a hotel near the train station, which actually is on the south side of Luxembourg City.

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