Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Roadtrip Roundup

For the Easter long weekend, and an extra day either side, we did a tour of Benelux - Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The plan was to see a bit of each, but we didn't make it too far into Belgium. That didn't matter though, because we were coming back in 10 days time anyway.

Here are links to each day in our trip:
Day 1 & 2:
Netherlands - Amsterdam to Den Haag
Day 3: Netherlands, Germany - Den Haag to Aachen
Day 4: Luxembourg - Clervaux, Vianden to Luxembourg City
Day 5: Luxembourg - Moselle Valley to Brussels
Day 6: Belgium - Brussels

It was a really spectacular trip, reminiscent of our honeymoon, when we also hired a car and set off with only rough plans. It was great to get out of the big European cities and see the country side.

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