Monday, May 15, 2006

Copenhagen, Denmark

This weekend we took a short trip to Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. With Karenlea over for the month, it was a good excuse to jump across to a Scandinavian country.

Hans Christain Anderson would have held the mantle as the most recognisable Danish person. However, in recent years that title would have been passed over to Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary.

Outside the Glyptotek.

Danish horns in the National Museum.

The view from the clock tower of the town hall.

Christiansborg slot, residence of Danish royalty and home to the Danish parliament.

Us at the top of the town hall tower.

Christiansborg slot.

Karenlea at Christiansborg Slot.

Parking, European style.

Rosenbourg Slot. The treasury is hidden below the castle and houses some of the crown jewels, including the jewel encrusted crowns from around the 1600's.

The crowns.

Kongens Square, with the Royal Theatre in the background. Off to the left is Nyhavn, a little dock with restaurants.

Memorial to Danish lives lost in World War II at the end of the Nyhavn dock.

Nyhavn dock.

You can ring my bell.

Wonderful fountain and a very interesting church in the background.

One of Hans Christian Anderson's most enduring stories is The Little Mermaid. This statue is a popular tourist attraction on the edge of the harbour. However, some aren't so taken by it - so much so it has been beheaded twice!

The Citadel. An old fortress at the entrance to the harbour. These days it has accommodation for navy personnel.

One of the buildings in the Citadel.

Copenhagen canal by night.

Sunday delivered a glorious day. The sun was out and visibility was great. What better day to take a canal cruise.

Amalienborg is the current winter residence for royalty. Four near-similar buildings flank the square. The marble church is in the background.

Cruising on the harbour.

Karenlea gets to see a Dutch-style windmill.

Mother's Day breakfast in a 5-star hotel. Did I mention that we stayed in the Marriott? Believe it or not it really was the cheapest option!

Kobenhavn FC supporters. Just as we crossed the riots in Paris, we came across a noisy, but peaceful, group of football supporters in Copenhagen. In true football fashion, there was plenty of beer, flags, Carlsberg shirts, flares and singing. The group was escorted by police and stretched for at least 5 blocks.

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