Friday, May 19, 2006

Karenlea and Kelly in Paris

It was an absolute must that Mum see Paris while she was in the UK. So we hopped onto a Eurostar train and headed over for the day.

We opted for an open top tour bus as our transport around the city, which took us to all the main sights and told us a bit of history on the way.

This is the main entrance to the Opera House. An absolutely stunning building.

The cows had come to town! They had taken up residence in front of the Opera house. Mum chose the multi coloured cow, while my cow had trains coming out its eye (very strange!!).

The second stop for the day was the Arc de Triomph.

Absolute proof that we really were in Paris!!

Despite Mum's dislike of heights, we joined the (unfortunately long) queue to go to the second level of the EiffelTower. After a brief moment of maddness when we considered walking up, we decided to stand in the rain queuing for about 40mins instead (time restrants being our main concern not necessarily climbing ability!)

Mum made it and even posed at the railings edge for photos! Yeah Mum!!!

It was rather windy that day, as the hairstyles suggest!

A victory photo - Mum had conquered the tower!

This is a fantastic photo taken by Mum of the Dome Church and thundery skies as we whizzed by on the bus.

Mum at Notre Dame.

Our final stop for the day was the Louvre. We felt a bit like we were in the Da Vinci Code movie running away from the villians. Having to navigate our way to the particular pieces we wanted to see and still make the train in time was a challenge (we certainly were not missing this transport back to the UK!)

Our day was so much fun, one we won't forget. Even though we managed to see all the major sights, one day is certainly not enough time in Paris. So the solution to this problem Mum?? you'll just have to come back to see the rest!!! ;-)

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Steveolution said...

Dad obviously didn't lend Karen Lea his multi coloured backpack, drink bottle, bum bag or portable printer. Quite dapper looking and everything the quintessential tourist needs!